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High quality custom timber bridges. Heavy-duty Hs20 or greater TrueNorth Steel vehicular bridges seamlessly tie together the most important aspects of bridges including aesthetics, cost and installation time. Our durable, pre-fabricated, high-quality modular designs are low cost and can meet AASHTO, state and local bridge design requirements. We ship them prefabricated directly to the project so they can.


We offer nationwide shipping of our prefabricated steel truss bridges. Your bridge will be delivered to the nearest location that is easily accessible to over the road trucks. We can ship a bridge up to 14′ by 80′ in one piece. Larger bridges are spliced Steel modular prefabrication creates bridges that can be installed in hours instead of days or weeks when bridges are field assembled. Our durable, pre-fabricated, high-quality modular bridges are designed to meet AASHTO, state and local bridge design requirements and can accommodate most vehicle loads including HL-93 and U-80 live loads The Valmont ® Structures Con-Struct ™ Prefabricated Bridge System is the ideal solution to your long-term planning needs with its projected service life of 100 years. Increased efficiency during the manufacturing process ensures your bridge can be produced quickly and shipped on time. Once delivered, our bridges can be installed in just one day, which reduces construction shutdowns and.

Modular steel bridges are most often used for roadways. They are robust enough to handle heavy vehicular loads, and, due to prefabrication, they are economical enough and easy enough to install without causing major disruption to a transportation network or a construction site in the case of temporary modular prefabricated bridges With more than 15,000 installations throughout the U.S. since 1936, Steadfast offers a wide range of custom designed, prefabricated steel vehicular truss bridges. Our vehicular bridges have been installed in shopping centers, malls, hotels, residential developments, corporate facilities, golf courses and parks. WHY CONTECH START A PROJECT Panel-Lam Vehicle Bridges are shop manufactured kits that assemble fast in any season. Individual structural timbers are pressure treated and dowel-laminated into panels that unload from the truck right into position. They have been engineered to lay up to 250 square feet of deck at a time. Available in single or multiple spans, with crash. If your bridge is 10ft long or 110ft long, it must support the weight of fire and rescue vehicles, passenger cars and trucks, and in many cases heavy construction vehicles. We make sure your bridge will easily handle the weight limits and meet building codes

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  1. Railroad Flatcar Bridge. Double Railroad Flatcar Bridge. I-Beam Deer Ranch ATV Bridge. Single Railroad Flatcar Vehicle Bridge. Prefabricated Pedestrian Park Bridge. Double Railroad Flatcar Park Bridge. Waste Management Unloading Platform Bridges. Nature Conservancy Bridge
  2. um and stainless steel, the lightweight design of Bridge-in-a-Box includes everything you need to install a strong, long-lasting bridge in your outdoor area
  3. Bridges. Savona Equipment will buy, sell and consign your new or used steel bridges. In some cases we can also arrange removal of the bridge. We offer used steel vehicle bridge structures, many of which are pre-engineered and prefabricated to ship and install quickly with local crews and equipment. All steel bridges in our inventory will be at.
  4. Excel Bridge has manufactured thousands of prefabricated truss bridges that can be seen in universities, stadiums, golf courses, overpasses, trails and backyards throughout the world! Examples of Bridge Types We Manufacturer Include: Pedestrian. Vehicular
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Bridge Brothers supplies turn-key, prefabricated bridges of enduring beauty, strength and durability. Constructed from steel or aluminum, our prefabricated trail bridges have several advantages, including low cost, high quality fabrication, and quick, low-impact installation. We can also manufacture your trail bridge in advance of other. The first thing to decide is whether to go with a prefabricated or built-on-site option for the bridge. Prefabricated bridges offer the advantage of quick delivery and turnaround time but are often more expensive because of transportation costs and overhead. They are ideally suited for projects where proximity and location dictates limited lay-down room for materials or the remoteness of a. The Port-A-Bridge™ by GME® is a modular bridge system designed for rapid delivery and installation at the jobsite. The Port-A-Bridge™ is available in 10' increments, from 20' to 50' long. Each section is 6' wide. Two units join together to form a 12' wide single lane structure that allows vehicles, equipment, or foot traffic to proceed. Hinged bridges are available for rent and purchase in 30′, 35′, 40′ and 50′ lengths. Prefabricated bridges are available for rent in our standard 60′ length or purchase in custom sizes for spans up to 70 ft. (Single lane only) Our readymade bridges come pre-assembled in two parts significantly and assembled in a matter of hours

Prefabricated Steel Pedestrian Bridges can be more than simple necessities to facilitate the movement of people.. Art Thureson, Inc. represents Anderson Bridges . Anderson Bridges is a certified AISC Major & Simple steel bridge manufacturer. Anderson Bridges has been pre approved by the Department of Transportation in: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oregon, Missouri, New. Our Vehicular Modular Bridges ship and install quickly on any foundation type and without the need for poured concrete or specialized bridge construction companies. These prefabricated, steel girder bridges offer a great solution for temporary or permanent applications Prefabricated Steel Bridges Applications & Loadings Prefabricated Steel Bridges are ideal for recrea on and low volume vehicular bridge applica ons. They are used for regional hiking/ biking/equestrian trails, community parks, pedestrian overpasses, snowmobile routes, golf courses, single lane residen al access, etc Most typical choices you need to make: Please call for an accurate estimate (800) 548-0054 or use our web form for a quick budget price. Please refer to For Engineers for more detail of bridge engineering railing systems, finishes, decks, lighting, arches and accessories. There is virtually no limit to the variety of ways your bridge can be built

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prefabricated vehicle bridges, temporary bridge construction: Bailey bridge: The bailey bridge is a type of portable, pre-fabricated, truss bridge. It was developed by the British during World war II for the military use and now extensive use in the world Concrete precast units cut bridge cost in half. M. K. Hurd / December 28, 2000. Environmental concerns indirectly turned into a big plus for Erie County, N.Y., last year. To replace a deteriorated bridge on Savage Road, the county's consultant planned a stream relocation and designed a steel girder bridge with a span substantially longer than. Prefabricated steel bridges come in a variety of configurations that lend themselves well to accelerated construction. They typically use wide flange girders. In addition to their use as permanent bridges, they are also used as temporary, emergency, or contractor work bridges because of their rapid installation and removal time While the best bridge for your project largely depends on your community's needs, we believe that FRP decks are the most effective long term solution for today's bridges. Designed with simplicity and durability in mind, our FRP vehicle bridge systems feature prefabricated fiberglass panels that are 80% lighter than concrete

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  1. Prefabricated Truss Bridges from Algonquin Bridge offer a perfect bridge solution to meet spans up to 75 m. These popular accelerated bridge construction solutions are go-to choices for municipalities, counties, railways and transportation authorities seeking heavy-duty bridges with old-style aesthetics. Factory-designed and factory-built.
  2. Precast Bridge Sections. Also known as culverts or split box culverts, precast bridge sections are the perfect solution for stream or rivulet crossing, shorter vehicle crossing, or pedestrian paths below existing roads. When used together, precast bridge sections can be made as wide as needed for vehicle traffic or even agricultural uses
  3. The versatility of Acrow's modular bridge technology serves both permanent and temporary applications. Easy to erect, disassemble and transport for use in different locations, Acrow's temporary bridges are used on construction, drilling and excavation sites all over the world, providing safe and efficient access for workers, heavy off-road.

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A Warren Truss girder bridge that is formed by a top chord with a parallel chord (flat) geometry. This truss eliminates verticals at the top chord panel points. It has a sturdy look and is a great choice for multiple span bridges or bridges set in urban or rural settings. 1 Lane. Width Range: 12 ft. - 18 ft. / Span Range Max: 200 ft. - 190 ft Precast (Prestressed) Concrete Bridge. Among the many prestressed concrete bridges, the most commonly used bridge type is the one using precast beams. This particular bridge has several precast PSC beams supporting the upper slab so that vehicles and pedestrians can pass over it. The bridge can be composed of 1 span or multi span with 20~40m. Prefabricated Bridges. Pedestrian and vehicular bridges designed to ship and install quickly. Ideal for permanent or temporary applications, our bridges are pre-engineered and prefabricated to ship and install quickly with local crews and equipment - often in several hours. Large or small, whatever your requirements we will create the right. The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) is a group of industry leaders providing educational information on the design and construction of short span steel bridges up to 140 feet in length Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES), an Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) method, are manufactured offsite, and then transported and assembled at the bridge construction site.This technique shortens construction schedules and helps ensure consistency in product quality. PBES is a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Every Day Counts Round 2 (EDC-2) innovation that.

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T he InQuik ® prefabricated bridge components have two main parts: a metal formwork tray, which defines the shape of the panel; and a steel reinforcing cage, which connects to and supports the tray.The panels are prefabricated and placed on-s ite before the concrete is poured. This construction method has a huge number of benefits compared to conventional systems AlumaBridge, LLC - 855-373-7500 - North America's premier supplier of advanced aluminum bridge deck design, bridge decking, prefabricated bridges, modular bridges, temporary bridges and open grid design. Contact us today

AlumaBridge, LLC - 855-373-7500 - North America's premier supplier of advanced aluminum bridge deck design, bridge decking, prefabricated bridges, modular bridges, temporary bridges and open grid design Choose Slaton Bros., Inc for Prefab Bridges! Prefabricated bridges have taken the world of construction by storm, and for good reason. If your area is in need of prefabricated bridges for vehicles, pedestrians, or wildlife, our team here at Slaton Bros, Inc. would be happy to help. Give us a call today to receive more information situations, with the Type 92 floating bridge (a prefabricated temporary floating bridge) being designed to float on a river and support vehicle traffic, while the Type 07 mobility support bridge (a prefabricated temporary span bridge) can span rivers or ravines without requiring piers. The Japan Groun This prefabricated bridge element types is used for medium length spans; ranges is between 6-18 m. Similar to multi stemmed beams, weld plates and grouted keyways transfer shears between beams. In situ concrete is poured as an overlay while channel and double tee member are overlaid with asphalt

US3491391A US3491391DA US3491391A US 3491391 A US3491391 A US 3491391A US 3491391D A US3491391D A US 3491391DA US 3491391 A US3491391 A US 3491391A Authority US United States Prior art keywords bridge vehicle support tracks boom Prior art date 1967-03-31 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion The Bailey bridge is a type of portable, pre-fabricated, truss bridge. It was developed by the British during World War II for military use and saw extensive use by British, Canadian and US military engineering units.A Bailey bridge has the advantages of requiring no special tools or heavy equipment to assemble

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  1. um and steel materials, and various shapes, sizes, and configurations depending upon models
  2. Advantages Of Precast Concrete Pedestrian Bridges. Longevity: In buried infrastructure applications, precast concrete is made to last a century. It's no different for pedestrian bridges as foot traffic is much lighter than vehicle traffic. Even if the bridge is used as an underpass with cars, trucks, etc. traveling overhead, the bridges have.
  3. For the smallest bridges, say up to 60 ft (20 m), either precast concrete blocks or jersey barriers work well. The base below the precast units should be well graded, compacted gravel. Medium size bridges with a length of 60 ft to 120 ft (20 m to 40 m) should implement more competent abutments
  4. imum type I/II Portland 4000 p.s.i. supports a
  5. Steel pedestrian bridges can clear spans from 20 to 225+ feet in single or multiple span configurations. Photo credit Wheeler. Steel designs meet all the requirements of pedestrian and combined recreation applications, including maintenance vehicle loadings. Girder designs accommodate spans from 10 feet to 100 feet
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Structural performance evaluation of a precast prefabricated bridge column under vehicle impact loading Chul Hun Chung Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dankook University, 126 Jukjeon-dong, Yongin-si 448-701, Republic of Korea , Jungwhee Lee Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dankook University, 126 Jukjeon. Our vehicle bridge solutions. Our vehicle bridges span up to 80m and are suitable for use over motorways to minor rural lanes They help speed up the contractors' works programme by removing traffic from the area completely. The availability and speed of construction of our vehicle bridges enable us to provide rapid over-bridge or diversion. Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridges on sales - Quality Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridges supplier. Modular Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridges Overcross Railway Q345B Steel Customized. 7.3m Width Pre Engineered Pedestrian Bridges Business Center Solve Congested Traffic. Single Span Prefabricated Vehicle Bridges Steel Structure Overcrossing Highway

Introduction TwoRevisedSpecifications: - PrefabricatedPedestrian—BicycleSuperstructure I 56480 0016Item564.80nn0016 - Prefabricated Bolted Vehicular TrussPrefabricated Bolted Vehicular Truss Syste The Areté Structures I-Beam Stringer bridge (also known as beam bridge) is an economical solution for your shorter span footbridge or light vehicle bridge needs. The I-Beam Stringer bridge offers a boardwalk-style bridge design, and it doesn't require a railing or curb. You can add a curb or handrail to the design as needed 12m x 4.8m Vehicle bridge. Vehicle. 12m x 4.8m Steel vehicle bridge. Details. Acrow Panel 700XS. Vehicle. BRAND NEW AND UNUSED Acrow Panel Bridge 10 Bridges immediately available Will split into individual bridges if required In containers ready to ship. Details. Rail bridge Parametric analysis of precast segment pier bridge. In general, the dynamic response of RC structures mainly depends on the impact energy and structural parameters [49]. In order to study the impact response of bridge precast segment piers under vehicle collision, a series of simulations were analyzed in detail

CTS are specialists in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Bridges, Footbridges, Boardwalks, Lockgates and Decking. CTS have been designing and manufacturing bridges and structures since 1988 and are one of the market leaders in footbridge design, offering one of the most extensive ranges of steel, timber and steel and timber footbridges 32 3400 - Prefabricated Bridges. E.T. Techtonics Fiberglass pedestrian and trail bridges that offer an environmentally sensitive solution to your demanding bridge requirements. The fiberglass components are maintenance-free as they do not rot or rust. The system is shipped unassembled. The lightweight members (usually less than 100 lbs.) can be. Clear Bridge Width (w) Maintenance Vehicle 7 ft < w < 10 ft H5 Truck (10,000 lbs) w > 10 ft H10 Truck (20,000 lbs) • Clear bridge widths of less than 7 feet need not be designed for maintenance vehicles. [Article 3.2] • The maintenance vehicle live load shall not be placed in combination with the pedestrian live load. [Article 3.2

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Bridge Parapets. Precast Bridge Parapets units act as a safety barrier and are often installed at the edge of bridges or retaining walls to provide protection for vehicles and pedestrians against an adjacent vertical drop. Concrete Parapets can also used for aesthetic purposes Groundforce Bridge is the temporary bridge hire division of Groundforce. Our temporary bridge structures cater for the construction, transmission, rail and events sectors. Groundforce Bridge provides an easily installed modular flat pack bridge solution to suit your requirements. A range of vehicle bridges and pedestrian bridges are available. The proposed damage identification method for ABBCs uses the vehicle-bridge interaction analysis and a model updating technique. The paper is organized as the following three main sections. In the first section, the principles of vehicle-bridge interaction and the calculation of vehicle-induced responses are introduced in detail The beam carries the load of the vehicle. The dimensioning of the bridge has been designed so that the wheels pass directly over the beam. It is important that the appropriate bridge design be chosen for the equipment being used. The wooden deck is designed to carry full livestock loads. Bridges AL-ENG-578-001 an

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Welcome to the premier industrial source for Bridges: Prefabricated, Pedestrian. The companies featured in the following listing offer a comprehensive range of Bridges: Prefabricated, Pedestrian, as well as a variety of related products and services. ThomasNet.com provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results Sudarman Diraksa. Bridge Construction Methods By David TRAYNER f Contents A. Introduction of Speaker B. Bridge Construction Methods i. Pre-cast ii. Cast in-situ iii. Others C. Precasting Techniques D. Ductal f A. Speaker David Trayner 1. VSL - Special Projects - Operations Manager NSW 2

A single-slope prefabricated barrier with grooves will be connected to deck overhang with dowels extended vertically from its end. The grooves in addition to 1 in. leveling pad will be filled using UHPC to connect the prefabricated barrier to bridge deck overhang. The use of UHPC allows for shorter development length of overhang extended dowels. Summary Prefabricated Crowns and Bridges (Dental Devices) - Global Market Analysis and Forecast Model (COVID-19 Market Impact) is built to visualize quantitative market trends within Dental. Girder Transporting Vehicle For Concrete Bridge Beam For Bridge Girder Transporter / Bridge Beam Girder Ca , Find Complete Details about Girder Transporting Vehicle For Concrete Bridge Beam For Bridge Girder Transporter / Bridge Beam Girder Ca,Multi-axle Hydraulic Truck Trailer For Sale,Lift Axle For Trailers,Lift Kit For Trailers from Bridge Cranes Supplier or Manufacturer-Henan SINOCRANE. About Modular Wooden Bridges. This kit comes with two modular wooden bridges: A pedestrian bridge and vehicle bridge. These two bridges are divided in 3 parts: End A, Segment and End B. All bridges commonly placed with at least one End A and one End B. The Segment part can can be duplicated as much as you need and then connected linking the. Areté Structures designs, manufactures, and delivers prefabricated truss and I-beam bridges and boardwalks using pultruded fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) materials. FRP, also called structural fiberglass, bridges are an ideal solution for pedestrian, bicycle, equine, and light vehicular use

For bridges in the range of 7'-0 wide to 10'-0 wide, the live loads can vary from 60 PSF to 85 PSF based on the size of the bridge. B. Vehicle Live Load : The VLL applies only to bridges with a width from 7'-0 to 10'-0 This bridge is made from prefabricated panels and assembled into modules. It follows the constant depth form of the Voyager (Pratt Truss) but is designed to be containerized and easy to construct. It is preferred as a permanent or emergency installation and for owners with large inventories (4) 8.5' x 26' bridges; 100 lb/sq.ft. + service vehicle; Details. With InfraCore ® Inside technology, there's a continuous structural connection of glass fibers between the top and bottom of the construction. This prevents delamination and ensures the bridges are safe and strong

Iron Bridge Rents We stock a fleet of rental bridge inventory for applications ranging from pedestrian loading to heavy equipment and vehicle loading. The prefabricated truss bridges that we rent are an economical solution for temporary access in parks, construction sites, and work areas Permanent Deck Steel Grider Bridge for Short and Medium Spans Highway Bridges. Custom Steel Girder Bridge / Steel Beam Bridge for Simple Structure. Prefabricated Steel Girder Bridge Heavy Capacity With composite bridge deck. Bailey Bridge. Prefabricated Compact Bailey Bridge / Portable Steel Bridge Light Weigh WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov © 1999 - 2021 DesignerBridges.com • 5410 Route 8, Gibsonia, PA 15044 • Phone: 1-888-293-2339. ATV Bridge: There is a large stream that runs beside my house. It is generally pretty low, but it floods heavily at least once a year. For years I have built temporary bridges out of logs with the expectation that it will be washed away or covered up. These te

A Bailey bridge is a type of portable, pre-fabricated, truss bridge.It was developed in 1940-1941 by the British for military use during the Second World War and saw extensive use by British, Canadian and US military engineering units.A Bailey bridge has the advantages of requiring no special tools or heavy equipment to assemble. The wood and steel bridge elements were small and light enough. Structural performance evaluation of a precast prefabricated bridge column under vehicle impact loading. In this study, the numerical analysis method was proposed to analyse the structural behaviour of bridge columns under various impact loading conditions. A parametric study of vehicle impact simulation was carried out to determine the impact. Precast concrete bridge components include: Prestressing, used commonly in bridge components as well as in other precast products, is a technique of introducing stresses of a predetermined magnitude through tendons (generally steel cables) to provide a compressive stress to increase tensile strength Unibridge ® is a modular predesigned and prefabricated steel bridge system. It has been designed for international load classes and can be built in single lane or multi-lane road width. It has been designed for international load classes and can be built in single lane or multi-lane road width

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Fiberglass Bridges. Customers are increasingly using Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Bridges for pedestrian, equestrian, bike, trail, and any access requirements. We have the right solutions in our standard designs and custom creations from E.T. Techtonics. E.T. Techtonics, known for bridge design, joined the Creative Composites. 3-Sided Skewed Bridge. Columbia Precast 3-sided skewed bridges are essentially custom-made 3-sided bridges to account for road angles and their correlation to the crossing. When possible, building a crossing perpendicular to a stream or other depression is preferred. But we know that just isn't possible in all cases Bridge dismantled and stored for reuse, new bridge built at site. Built by Illinois Central's subsidiary Bloomington Southern Railroad to reach the Victor stone Quarry. Opened Aug. 23, 1942 as a toll bridge. Main span destroyed by severe thunderstorm July 29, 1944; reopened Aug. 24, 1946. Tolls removed Jan. 1, 1989 Nearly 8,500 vehicles use that section of U.S. Route 11 each day. The bridge is a short distance southwest from Carlisle in an area where many large warehouses were built in recent years. The replacement of the one-span bridge was conducted using precast bridge components for the foundation, abutments, beams and deck

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News and Events Heliconiahouse . 19 Feb. Uncategorize Designers specified 28,000 pound (12700 kilogram) precast concrete abutments that were 1 foot (0.3 meters) thick, 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall and 9 feet (2.7 meters) across. The precast abutments were covered with a Redi-Rock cobblestone veneer to match the Cobblestone texture Redi-Rock fin walls that flank the bridge Washington Modified Girder in 1450, 1850 and 2400-millimeter sections. Modified Decked Bulb Tees in heights up to 6 feet and widths up to 8 feet. Single Cavity Box Beam Girders in 42-inch widths and depths up to 72 inches. Double Cavity Box Beam Girders in 84-inch widths and up to 36 inches. Voided Slab Girders in 48-inch widths and 15, 18, 21. SECTION 401 - Prefabricated Steel Truss Bridge 401-3 November 2015 5. For transverse wood decking, wheel loads shall be assumed to act on one plank only. The wheel loads shown in Section 401.07.B Vehicle Loads shall be distributed on the plank alon —A modular bridge built for pedestrians, bicyclists, equestrian, and light maintenance vehicle traffic. 17.1.3 MODULAR BRIDGE CLASSIFICATIONS . The bridge classifications herein are used for determining the design criteria for modular bridges. A modular bridge must be classified as either a standard bridge or a minor bridge

34 INNOVATIVE BRIDGE DESIGNS FOR RAPID RENEWAL: ABC TOOLKIT Prefabricated modular steel bridges compete favorably with other materials when considering the greater use of shop labor in comparison to field labor, the speed at which they can be installed, and the significant reduction in time required to close a given roadway to the public Kienlesberg Bridge is a combined tram, cyclist, and pedestrian bridge crossing a busy railway hub. The 270m-long crossing has a unique undulating appearance. The structure was prefabricated in segments which were welded on site and launched over live rail traffic T he Trail Bridge Catalog Web site is intended to help land managers and engineers select trail bridge types, decks, rail systems, abutment systems, and materials. The site is divided into five sections: Trail Bridge Types, Trail Bridge Decks, Trail Bridge Rail Systems, Trail Bridge Abutments, and Trail Bridge Materials Alibaba offers 662 Prefabricated Bridge Suppliers, and Prefabricated Bridge Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. There are 440 OEM, 426 ODM, 102 Self Patent. Find high quality Prefabricated Bridge Suppliers on Alibaba

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In addition to pedestrian live load, the bridge shall be designed for an M-9 vehicle. A vehicle impact allowance is not required. Deflection limits due to this vehicle shall not be considered. A professional engineer shall be engaged to design and detail the prefabricated bridge superstructure WARNING: USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are obviously not bridge experts, so we do not know all of the accurate information on how to create an. Precast concrete road pavement and bridge construction systems - cast off-site (at a plant nearby or at site) and installed rapidly off the rush hours, not only lower disruptions to the traffic and enhance safety during construction, they also bring unmatched durability to the new roads and bridges (for both substructure and superstructure.

Section 437 - Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridge 437- 4 April 2010 successful bridge projects of similar construction, each of which has been in service at least three years. List the location, bridge size, owner, and a contact for reference for each project This low cost precast bridge solution is ideal for the upgrade of many of Australia's older small span timber bridges. The HumeDeck® modular bridge system delivers significant benefits: The deck and girder are combined into one unit, enabling an efficient design with fast and simple installation. The combined deck and girder unit provides a. Sometimes a temporary solution is needed, and modular prefab methods are the perfect vehicle. Acrow Bridge designed, engineered and delivered two temporary modular, prefabricated steel lift. Temporary bridges are usually used for emergencies, maintenance projects, and trac detours or for construction operations. These bridges are either specied in the contract documents or are proposed by the contractor. The following terms are used in this memo: Modular Bridge —A temporary prefabricated modular steel panel truss bridge Echo Bridge - Prefabricated wood bridges. EagleSpan - Prefabricated bridges and other structures. Enwood Structures - Prefabricated wood bridges; Excel Bridge Manufacturing - Engineers and prefabs ped. & single lane vehicle bridges; Gator Bridge - Pedestrian bridges and mor