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Assemble the lasagna. In a 9x13-inch (23x33-cm) baking dish, add enough sauce to cover the bottom of the dish and spread in an even layer. Add a layer of eggplant slices, covering the bottom of the dish completely. It's okay if the eggplant slices overlap slightly Eggplant Lasagna Recipe Tips Squeeze the moisture out of the spinach by pressing it between two paper towels before adding it to the cheese mixture. Choose Rao's pasta sauce because it is low carb and low sugar, a perfect low carb choice In a large mixing bowl, combine ricotta, 1 cup California Ripe Olives, egg, oregano and remaining salt. Set aside. Heat remaining oil, approximately 1 tablespoon at a time, in a clean sauté pan over medium high heat and cook eggplant, in batches, until browned and softened for 2 minutes on each side. Place one layer of eggplant (approximately. I love making lasagna without traditional noodles. Instead, I always make it with zucchini or eggplant slices, like this Low-carb Eggplant Lasagna, Zucchini Lasagna Roll Recipe, Slow Cooker Zucchini Lasagna, and Low-Carb Zucchini Lasagna Skillet.Almost every month, I make my Spinach and Zucchini Lasagna for my husband, but since he doesn't like eggplant (and refuses to eat it!), it's been.

Low carb eggplant lasagna is just like regular lasagna, but with layers of roasted eggplant instead of the noodles. Who doesn't love the Italian flavors of lasagna, right? What does eggplant lasagna taste like? Eggplant lasagna tastes very close to regular lasagna Brush the eggplant slices with 1 tablespoon of ghee from both sides. Place in the oven and bake at 200 °C/ 400 °F (fan assisted), or 220 °C/ 425 °F (conventional) for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool. Grease a pan with 1 tablespoon of ghee and cook the onion for a few minutes until fragrant This delicious eggplant lasagna with flavorful meat sauce is an amazing low-carb and gluten-free dish. Made with slices of eggplant, cheeses, hearty tomato sauce, and some herbs, this incredible eggplant lasagna is sure to impress even your pickiest eaters This low carb lasagna recipe swaps the usual noodles for planks of thinly sliced, roasted eggplant. Eggplant is at its peak right now, so this is the ideal time to make this Eggplant Lasagna recipe! In between the eggplant slices is a luscious, creamy mix of ricotta, spinach, Parmesan, and mushrooms Eggplant lasagna is a low carb version of the classic Italian lasagna dish with one main difference. Instead of using traditional pasta noodles to form the layers, you use sliced eggplant as your base. After that, it is similar to your favorite lasagna

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  1. Keto eggplant lasagna is a great low carb lasagna alternative. The meat sauce provides a nice amount of protein which increases satiety without increasing carbs. Serve with a nice green salad and a piece of low carb focaccia or keto dinner rolls. The recipe serves 8 hearty portions
  2. This Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna is a hearty meal that will satisfy your lasagna loving soul. Is is exactly like the high carb lasagna that you grew up on? No. Is it a quick meal? Also no. Lol. But it's worth every second that you spend on it because it's delicious, family friendly and it freezes well. Plus,it's easy to portion out for meal prepping
  3. Eggplant lasagna is a low carb alternative to the real thing...you won't miss the traditional lasagna noodles replaced with eggplant! Perfect to stock up the freezer for easy lunches or dinners. Lasagna is one of my all-time favorite meals, but we don't eat it that often since it's so heavy
  4. utes. Drain and dry with paper towels

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How Many Carbs are in Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna? For our version there are 376 calories, 22 g of protein and just 7 grams of carbs! These numbers can fluctuate depending on the ingredients that you decide to use in your version of this low carb eggplant lasagna recipe! Is Eggplant Keto Friendly These lasagna recipes use slices of eggplant instead of noodles for low carb, gluten-free Italian comfort food — featuring beefy tomato and ricotta eggplant lasagna, meat-free roasted aubergine lasagna, three-cheese eggplant lasagna, and more

Eggplant is such a great vegetable on a low-carb diet because it's low in carbs and can easily take the place of noodles in various forms. We use zucchini to replace the sheets of lasagna in this recipe. The texture is only slightly different when the layers are built up like a typical lasagna Pour 1/3 of tomato sauce with ground beef on top of eggplant layer. Sprinkle 1/3 of mozzarella cheese on top of sauce layer. Repeat 2 more times, finishing with a layer of mozzarella cheese. Step 8. Bake in the preheated oven until cheese is melted and sauce is bubbling, 10 to 15 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes before slicing How To Store Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna. If you got some leftovers of this eggplant lasagna recipe, you can leave them in the same baking dish where you made it. Just cover the lasagna with cling film and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. To reheat it, you can simply put it in the oven at 390°F/ 200°C from 10 to 15 minutes

This is how I make my delicious keto lasagna that everyone should definitely try. Please was my regular lasagna recipe video to get the measurements of every.. MEATY EGGPLANT LASAGNA 2 eggplants (about 1 1/4 pounds each) * 1/4 cup oil Salt 1 pound ground beef 2 cups Amy's Marinara Sauce 16 ounces whole milk mozzarella cheese, shredded 3/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated (3 ounces) Trim the ends off the eggplants. Peel them and slice lengthwise into 1/2 slices My low carb eggplant lasagna roll ups are made with tender eggplant instead of the pasta so you can enjoy a lasagna even if you're watching the carbs! A great alternative for my gluten-free folks too! I have been in a food rut. Every week, I start off intending to eat healthy. A new bottle of homemade lemon dressing gets added to the. This eggplant lasagna is all the comfort without the pasta! Enjoy this low carb, gluten-free lasagna! FULL RECIPE http://bit.ly/TMD-eggplant-lasagna SUB.. This pasta-less, low-carb eggplant lasagna is basically a giant eggplant Parmesan without the breading. It's incredibly easy to make and, let's face it, you could probably use a few more servings of vegetables in your life. Watch. Easy, Low-Carb Eggplant Lasagna

This low-carb eggplant lasagna recipe is a hearty and delicious Italian classic without any heavy carbs. It's made with eggplant, Italian sausage, marinara sauce, and three kinds of ooey gooey cheese for a flavor explosion. One of the best keto comfort food dishes! This low-carb eggplant lasagna recipe is a hearty and delicious Italian. This low carb eggplant lasagna is gluten-free, high in protein, full of flavor, and easily made dairy-free or vegan. Perfect to freeze for leftovers! Course Main Course. Cuisine Italian. Prep Time 20 minutes. Cook Time 40 minutes. Servings 8 servings. Calories 388 kcal. Ingredients After 15-20 minutes soak up the sweat with a towel or paper towel. Turn all the slices of eggplant over and repeat (salt, wait 15-20 minutes, dry up sweat). During the sweating you can brown the ground beef. Cook on medium-low heat in a non-stick skillet, covered

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Preheat oven to 350°. Line a large baking sheet with parchment and grease with cooking spray. In a microwave safe bowl, melt cream cheese, mozzarella, and Parmesan together Spread 3/4 cup of marinara sauce on the bottom of a greased baking dish. Use either a 13 x 9-inch baking dish or a 11 to 12-inch round baking dish. Add the lasagna noodles, add 3/4 cups more sauce, then overlap half of the eggplant. Top with 1/2 of the ricotta mixture. Add all the filling

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How to Make Eggplant Lasagna. To begin, cut the stem end from the eggplant, and discard. Slice the eggplant lengthwise into 1/2 inch slices. Sprinkle about 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt in the bottom of a 9×13 inch baking pan. Place a single layer of eggplant slices in the pan. Sprinkle a little salt on each piece of eggplant It was a success, and so this Eggplant Lasagna was born! And boy, was it worth the extra time spent experimenting in the kitchen! This grain- and gluten-free dish is mouth watering, savory, and perfectly cheesy. The sauce has the texture of a meat sauce but remains completely vegetarian. Interestingly enough, this no noodle lasagna is low carb. Lasagna. Place a small amount of sauce on the bottom of a 9x13 pan to prevent eggplant from sticking. Layer eggplant, small smear of ricotta cheese, meat sauce, and a sprinkle of cheese. Repeat a second time. Bake at 400 for 25 minutes or until sauce bubbles and cheese starts to brown. Let rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna. However, recently I saw these beauties in Trader Joes and I knew I had to make something with them. I decided to make a low carb eggplant lasagna which means it contains no pasta. The eggplant itself acts as the noodle. I also decided to skip the meat in this lasagna You guys, eggplant lasagna is the ONLY lasagna recipe you'll ever need! Because, seriously, who needs lasagna noodles when you have the same shape in veggie form?Meaning, you get all that delicious lasagna flavor, with added nutrients (from the eggplant), fewer carbs (who doesn't love low carb pasta?!) and it's gluten and grain-free!. That's what I call winning


Arrange eggplant slices in a single layer on the prepared pans. Roast until just tender, 15 to 20 minutes. Step 3. Meanwhile, heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add beef and onion; cook, stirring and crumbling with a wooden spoon, until browned, 6 to 8 minutes. Add garlic; cook for 1 minute This Low-Carb Eggplant Lasagna recipe is made with eggplant slices, which makes it perfect for those who are following a low-carb or gluten-free diet. It's absolutely delicious, too! LET'S MAKE THIS RECIPE: Low-carb Eggplant Lasagna. This is an absolutely beautiful recipe thank you so much I'll definitely do that more often☺️. This low carb eggplant lasagna is mighty delicious on its own, however also plays with other dishes. To keep dinner low carb/keto-friendly, serve my 15 Minute Sautéed Broccoli or Cucumber Sesame Salad on the side. For a protein boost, serve these eggplant boats alongside Pan-Seared White Fish or my 5-Ingredient Maple-Mustard Salmon Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna with the Best Turkey Meat Sauce + Burrata. This noodle free version of eggplant lasagna is a wonderful low carb dinner. Made with a rich italian turkey meat sauce and three cheeses! Lasagna without the noodles. It's a thing in my life. A very delicious thing that I needed to share with you just in time for eggplant.

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  1. Our eggplant lasagna is a delicious, crowd-pleasing dinner that results from swapping traditional lasagna noodles for slabs of fresh eggplant. Besides being a great gluten-free and low-carb alternative to classic lasagna, this comforting casserole is the perfect way to put a load of summer eggplant to good use. The best eggplant to use in this lasagna recipe are the most tubular-shaped that.
  2. This keto eggplant lasagna recipe is a delicious low-carb marriage of two Italian comfort dishes: Eggplant Parmesan and Meat Lasagna. The roasted eggplant slices serve as the lasagna noodles, nestled in between layers of marinara sauce, Italian sausage, and ricotta cheese
  3. Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna. Oh, and before I forget I used this Trio Lasagna pan found on Amazon and it's pretty amazing! You can make different blends of lasagna all at the same time. It also cooks the lasagna a lot faster than the normal way! And finally, it's way easier to slice and serve up a peice too
  4. Eggplant Lasagna with Meat Sauce Peace Love and Low Carb. We can all appreciate a layered lasagna dish smothered with subtly sweet ricotta and homemade tomato sauce. Once the Italian herbs and fresh mozzarella work their way in, there's no going back. Luckily, eggplant wears many hats
  5. To assemble the lasagna, use a 9x13 glass baking dish (aka: large rectangular baking dish). Start with a layer of eggplant and veggies. Use about six slices of eggplant, and add two rows if zucchini slices in the cracks. Spoon a layer of bolognese on top. Sprinkle half of the mozzarella over the bolognese, then layer about 6 slices of ham on top
  6. This low-carb eggplant lasagna is perfect to bring along to a family gathering, serve for dinner, or use as a quick grab n heat lunch idea during a busy work week. The options of what you can do with this keto eggplant lasagna are endless
  7. utes.. Sometimes, it's the simplicity of recipes that draws me towards it

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  1. 6 Eggplant Lasagna Recipes That Go Low Carb with No Noodles. 69 likes • 224 shares. Share. Flip. Like. allrecipes.com - Ita Mac Airt • 24d. These lasagna recipes use slices of eggplant instead of the traditional noodles for low carb, gluten-free Italian comfort food! So whether you're
  2. The Best Eggplant Lasagna (Vegan + Low Carb) Lasagna has always been a staple treat in the Lau household. We had a signature veggie lasagna that was layered with lasagna sheets, roasted eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms, cheese and marinara sauce
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  4. Low-Carb Eggplant Lasagna. A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through this site, called The Recipe Critic, looking for a healthier version of a lasagna, when I came across this low-carb Eggplant Lasagna. I must say, because it's a huge hit, I'll be making it, again
  5. The Best Low-Carb Eggplant Lasagna. 77 Low-Carb Vegetarian Dinner Ideas. Vegetarian Keto Burgers. Vegetarian Keto Warm Egg Salad. Low-Carb Zucchini Lasagna Roll Ups. Vegetarian Keto Burritos. Vegetarian Keto Tikka Masala. Cheesy Keto Crepe Lasagne. 150 Low-Carb Recipes For The Fourth of July Celebrations

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  1. Eggplant lasagna leftovers should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, and reheated using the microwave or in the oven until warmed through. (12) Similar Lasagna. If you don't like eggplant, consider making zucchini lasagna , which is also noodle free, gluten free, and low carb
  2. 8g Net Carbs Per Serving - Get the Recipe at https://wecountcarbs.com/low-carb-meatless-eggplant-lasagna/Are you craving warm and satisfying comfort food for..
  3. Low-Carb Eggplant Lasagna - This Low-Carb Eggplant Lasagna recipe is made with eggplant slices, which makes it perfect for those who are following a low-carb and gluten-free diet. It's absolutely delicious too! Saved by Primavera Kitchen - Olivia. 3.9k
  4. eggplant lasagna. This creamy and wholesome lasagna is so good, you won't even know it's low-carb. Get this recipe here. easy zucchini ravioli. This low-carb dish uses zucchini instead of pasta for its vessel and it is absolutely brilliant. Get this recipe here. broccoli crust pizza. This is an easy way to incorporate more veggies into your.
  5. Build the Lasagna! 1. Spread 1/3 can of the sauce into the bottom of a 9 X 13 pan. 2. Layer the eggplant, meat mixture, cheese mixture, 1/3 can of sauce, 1/3 of the spinach, and 1/3 mozzarella cheese. Repeat. For a sturdier lasagna, overlap the eggplant and alternate placing them lengthwise in one layer, then width-wise in the next. 3

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Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna does an amazing job filling in for lasagna made with lasagna sheets. This is another one of those dishes where you realise that low carb eating isn't a compromise, and in this case, it's just an amazing tasting version of traditional lasagna In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the chopped tomatoes, half the oregano, half the remaining salt, and tomato paste. Stir well. Simmer for 15 minutes. On a plate, combine the Parmesan cheese, almond flour, remaining salt and oregano. Coat each slice of eggplant in the mixture and press it down so it attaches to the eggplant Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna Recipe. This Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna will blow your mind! I can't say that it is a fast and easy recipe, but you will be rewarded richly for your efforts. I like to make the meat sauce a day ahead of time to allow the flavors to develop in the fridge Alternatively, a person can roast slices of eggplant in olive oil before using them to layer the lasagna. Eggplant is a low-carb alternative to regular lasagna sheets, with 8.73 g of carbohydrates. Plant-Based Vegan Eggplant Lasagna [low-carb, paleo, whole-30, nut-free] April 6, 2019. Filling, plant-based, nut-free lasagna that the whole family will love! I am SO excited to share this recipe with you guys! Both Jay & I LOVED this recipe & that says a lot since Jay is a huge meat lover

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Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna. Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna. Amy Lipson . Share. 0. I don't know about you, but in these last few months of quarantine, the 19 in Covid-19 pretty much sums up the weight we've gained! To get back on track, we've been cooking keto recipes at home. This eggplant lasagna has been a family favorite Pat eggplant dry. Brush olive oil on both sides. Broil 3 minutes per side until just beginning to char; set aside to cool slightly. Reduce oven temperature to 400°F. In a food processor fitted with a metal blade, combine ricotta, spinach, eggs and Parmesan cheese. Pulse until blended. Add pepper Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna. Recipe courtesy of California Ripe Olives. Recipe Ingredients: 1/4 cup olive oil 1 pound ground beef chuck 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 1/2 cups low carb tomato sauce (substitute tomato sauce without sugar) 1/4 cup chopped fresh basil 1 (15-ounce) container ricotta cheese 1 1/2 cups sliced olives 1 large egg, beate

Low-Carb Meaty Eggplant Lasagna. March 26, 2019. Jump to Recipe. Eggplant is one of those foods that is either really delicious or not great, IMHO. Fried Eggplant sprinkled with parm and dipped in marinara is mouth watering - especially in the summer. Baba Ghanoush is one of my favorite dips and has a wonderful smoky flavor when done right EGGPLANT LASAGNA My eggplant lasagna recipe replaces noodles with low carb, high protein eggplant strips that are rich and meaty. The meal prep is easy and the short cook time makes this a great weeknight meal. Eating healthy doesn't mean giving up your favorite meals, it means finding ways to make your go-tos even tastier and better for you Instructions. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly grease 2 baking sheets. Lay eggplant slices out onto prepared baking sheets into a single layer. Drizzle lightly with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast in the preheated oven until tender, about 25 minutes, turning halfway through Low Carb Eggplant Lasagna; Why You'll Love This Recipe. Treat yourself to classic lasagna flavors without indulging in a carb-heavy meal. This recipe is completely gluten-free, grain-free, low carb and Keto! It's also made-from-scratch and packed with flavor and vegetables, so Whole30-ers, rejoice! This recipe is 100% compliant Place a layer of baked eggplant slices a baking pan, then half of the onions, mint, parsley and 2/3 of the feta cheese. Add a final layer of eggplant and the rest of the onion. Finish with additional feta cheese and grated cheese on top. Pour the cream over the eggplant, cheese, onion, herbs. Place the baking dish in the oven at 450°F (220°C.

The lasagna flavor is certainly there but you can still tell the noodles are a little different. If you expect that then you will love eggplant lasagna. It's an excellent alternative to the carb version. Serve with a nice salad or make your family garlic bread from your Stand Mixer French Bread. Looking for more low carb/ Trim Healthy Mama. Low-Carb Eggplant Lasagna Makes 4 servings. Prep time: 30 minutes. Cooking time: 45 minutes. Cooking utensils: Paper towel, 2 baking sheets, sauté pan, 8 x 8 glass baking dish, knives, medium mixing bowl, small mixing bowl, aluminum foil . Ingredients. Lasagna. 2 medium-sized eggplants, cut into rounds or strips; 1 tablespoon olive oil; 1.

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Once the meat is browned, pour the crushed tomatoes in, add garlic and herbs and simmer on lower heat for about 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Preheat the oven on 180 °C (about 356 °F) and prep your lasagna in the meanwhile. Start with a layer of sliced eggplant, then spread part of the Bolognese evenly over This low carb eggplant parmesan is my lazy way of making a great keto eggplant recipe. How is this Low Carb Eggplant Parmesan put together? Don't get me wrong. I love breaded, fried eggplant. Or breaded, baked eggplant. But when you put it in a casserole with sauce and cheese, the breading tends to get a little soggy Our Keto Moussaka Recipe is a low carb take on the classic Greek eggplant lasagna. It's a rich, cheesy dish that everyone loves! Moussaka has always been a lamb dish in my family, but if you prefer a different flavor, you can swap the lamb for chicken or beef Low Carb Eggplant Parmesan (Eggplant Gratin), is a tasty casserole loaded with fresh eggplant, melted cheese, garlic, herbs, and marinara sauce. An easy to make baked casserole with the flavors of Southern France and Italy. It doesn't matter whether you call it eggplant parmesan or eggplant gratin This easy swap makes a hearty lasagna keto-friendly, gluten-free, and low-carb without sacrificing taste. Using eggplant sheets instead of noodles also ups the nutritional value since eggplant has many nutrients, is rich in antioxidants, and is known for promoting blood sugar control, among other health benefits

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  1. utes, or until golden brown. While the eggplant is baking, make the sauce: Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat. Add the garlic and red pepper flakes and cook for 3-4
  2. A low carb eggplant lasagna recipe (Gluten/Grain/Sugar/Nut Free) For both recipes: 1 large eggplant (sliced thinly or with a mandolin to use for noodles) 2 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese or Daiya cheese or Omit all together; 2 1/2-3 cups ricotta cheese or dairy-free ricotta cheese
  3. utes Cook time: 25
  4. Low Carb Lasagna Filed Under: 100-150, Cheese, Eggs/Egg Whites/Egg Replacer, Entrees, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb, Nutritional Yeast, Recipe Makeover, Recipes, Sugar Free, Vegan. By Kelly M 23 Comments Jump to Recip
  5. Keto Eggplant Lasagna is a game-changer if you are following a low-carb diet. Loaded with rich meat sauce and tons of cheese, this eggplant lasagna satisfies your craving for typically carb-laden pasta without the guilt. One of our favorite no noodle lasagna kid friendly keto recipes

Low-Carb Eggplant and Turkey Lasagna November 2, 2016 by Emily 1 Comment Lately, I've been all about making meals in one big pan/pot/container so I can keep it in the fridge and easily pack leftovers to take to work for lunch Eggplant Discs for Lasagna Layers. Carb savings per serving: about 69 grams Although lasagna is a family favorite, it's pretty high in carbohydrates. To cut down on them, replace the pasta. Low-Carb Beef & Eggplant Lasagna . Updated: Apr 2, 2020. Serves: 8. Ready in: 45 mins. Ingredients. 2 large eggplants . 1/2 red capsicum, diced. small bunch of green shallots, sliced . 100g mushrooms. 1/2 clove of garlic. 400g premium lean beef mince. 2 tablespoon oregano or mixed herbs Vegan eggplant lasagna, made with eggplant slices, marinara sauce, vegan tofu ricotta and vegan parmesan cheese. It's a delicious gluten-free entrée! I'm eating carbs all the time (the good ones, of course) Put half of the sauce on the bottom of a 9 x 13-inch baking dish, shingle in half of the eggplant, gently spread with all of the ricotta and spinach mixture, shingle in the other half of the eggplant, and top with the remaining sauce. Sprinkle with the remaining 1 cup grated cheese. Bake until deeply golden brown, 30 to 45 minutes

This easy eggplant lasagna recipe is cheesy, delicious and perfect for a weeknight dinner. It's made without noodles so it's gluten free and low carb. Learn how to make this classic eggplant recipe with our step-by-step tutorial and video. The classic combination of eggplant and ground beef never fails to impress Low Carb/South Beach Eggplant Lasagna recipe with 2 large eggplants, peeled, sliced lengthwise into 1/4 inch noodle-like strips, cooking spray (olive oil spray is best), salt and pepper, 1 1/2 lbs ground sirloin or 1 1/2 lbs turkey breast or 1 1/2 lbs italian sausage, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 onions, chopped, 3 cloves chopped garlic, 1 red pepper. In 9 x 13-inch (2 L) baking dish, layer half the white sauce, then a layer of half the eggplant, half chicken mixture and 3 / 4 cup (175 mL) grated Mozzarella cheese. Place eggplant on top of the cheese, cover with the remaining white sauce, chicken mixture and top with 1 cup (250 mL) grated Mozzarella cheese and sprinkle with dried parsley Low carb and keto-friendly, this Eggplant Parmesan Casserole features grain-free breaded eggplant rounds smothered with cheeses, sausage, and marinara. Once you have baked the eggplant, put a thin layer of your marinara sauce of choice in the bottom of a 9x13 casserole/baking dish

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Place sling in Instant Pot over rack and pour in 1 cup of water. Set dish in instant pot. Cover loosely with aluminum foil if desired to keep condensation from dripping on the lasagna. Attach lid, close valve, and cook on high pressure for 9 minutes. Vent steam, remove the lid and serve A low carb lasagna cutting more than half of the calories than regular lasagna by using eggplant in place of pasta! Layered with so much Mozzarella cheese and a Ricotta Pestono one will miss the usual carb loaded lasagna. Salted Eggplant 'sheets' are drizzled with garlic olive oil and pan roasted to enhance their flavou This low-carb lasagna swaps thin-sliced zucchini for lasagna noodles, which shifts the emphasis to the best parts of lasagna: the tomato sauce, the cheese, the veg. This cheesy, saucy, yet light lasagna uses eggplant slices in place of noodles for a perfect low-carb dinner. Go To The Recipe Bake the eggplant slices for 25-30 minutes, until soft when poked with a fork, and slightly golden. Spread 1/2 cup (118 ml) marinara sauce over the bottom of a 9x13 stoneware casserole dish. Arrange the eggplant slices in a single layer. Top with 3/4 cup (177 ml) marinara and half of the mozzarella slices Preheat the oven to 375F. Spread half of the eggplant out in a 5-quart casserole dish and spread half of the meat mixture on top; repeat. Pour the sauce on top. Bake until the sauce is set and starting to turn golden, about 35 to 45 minutes. Let the casserole cool for 15 minutes before cutting and serving

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