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  2. DIY Window Paint Recipe. September 27, 2014 by Anna Ranson. Use this super quick DIY window paint recipe to create some art and mark making on the windows. The bonus is that it is very easy to wash off again when they are finished! Great for working on a vertical plane and thus developing gross motor control and early writing and drawing skills.
  3. Make this easy DIY window paint recipe with your kids and create art on your windows! It's fun to wash off this window paint and create again and again. I love when Henry chooses the activity for the day. This time he wanted really, really badly to paint the big window again

Decorate your car windows safely with Acrylic Paint. Lately we have seen more and more reasons to want to decorate car windows. Whether it is a drive by Happy Birthday parade or a drive by congrats to the Grad or any car parade of some sort, there are so many reasons to want to write a positive message on your car windows to cheer on your family and friends Come to say hello to me in my facebook page:Fantasvale Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FantasvaleFantasvale Instagram: http://instagram.com/fantasvaleFanta.. The paint just scrapes right off and any residual paint simply spray with a combo of vinegar and water or window cleaner. Wash any clothing or fabric with hot water as soon as you can

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Wipe down the car windows with glass cleaner and paper towels before decorating. This will create a clean, dust and dirt-free area for you to work on, which will make the decorating process easier. Otherwise, you can always drive through a car wash before you decorate, which will leave the whole car sparkly clean and ready for decoration. Step The best car window paint is not something that comes to mind immediately, but can definitely be worth it. Easily paint or sketch on your car window - when you don't want the sketch on the window anymore, simply use a cloth to wipe it off. These paints and chalks are generally easy and safe to use, and won't cause damage to your car Use this super quick DIY window paint recipe to create some art on the windows. The bonus is that it is very easy to wash off again when they are finished! Article by Anna @ The Imagination Tree. 2.1k. Projects For Kids Diy For Kids Crafts For Kids Kids Fun Painting For Kids Diy Painting Imagination Tree Homemade Paint Craft Activities Apply window chalk using your fingers or a paint brush. Wash the paint brush thoroughly between use, or use a separate brush to avoid mixing colors. Clean window chalk off windows using a damp cloth. Homemade window chalk can stain some fibers and porous surfaces, such as wood. Avoid getting the paint on any fabric or wood

Wash away all the cleaner used for removing window paint from the car body using water as it could damage the clear coat or paints applied on the surface of your car. Let the surfaces dry naturally after cleaning up water spilled during the washing process Car-window tinting will keep you cooler in summer, protect your car's interior, and add value when you're ready to sell it.With some dealers charging up to $500 just for labor, a DIY car tint will.

Lower the window a half inch, then use the top of the window to cut the film to shape. Once the window is lowered, you can use this top edge of the window as your guide. Use the precision knife to cut right to the top of the window. When done, pull the tint back towards the center. You should have roughly 1/2 of extra film on every side of the. DIY Window Paint Recipe: Paint (I recommend Crayola Tempera Paint because it's washable!) Dish soap. Flour or cornstarch. I first put some paint into plastic cups (you may want to mix together different paints to create your own colors) and added the dish soap and flour Aftermarket window tinting is a method of applying a thin film to the interior surface of a vehicle's windows. This material is designed to darken a car's windows to block UV light and reduce glare..

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Using masking tape is often overlooked, but can save the car paint around your window frame. Applying duct tape directly on your car will likely chip the paint and leave a residue, so you don't want to do that. Cover the window frame with a layer of masking tape, about two inches wide. You can then safely apply duct tape on top of it Holding the can 12 to 14 in. away from fabrics, lightly spray the headliner (don't soak it), seats, door panels and carpet. Then turn the fan to high and switch the system to recirculate mode (max. A/C if you don't have that option). Find the intake opening by holding a tissue near the blower motor 2. Apply 3 coats of primer, waiting 15 minutes between each coat. Apply the primer to the car from 25 centimetres (9.8 in) away. Spray primer over the entire surface that you will be painting. Gently push down the spray button and move the can across the area using even, back and forth strokes

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Step 2 - Use Toothpaste and Baking Soda. Squeeze about one-quarter of a tube of toothpaste into a bowl, and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix thoroughly with a spatula until no traces of the baking soda are visible. Use your finger to dab some of the mixture onto the scratch Supplies for HomeMade Window Paint: Washable Kid's Paint (we prefer Crayola Washable Paints, affiliate link) or food coloring. Dish Soap. Cornstarch (this is optional, but it thickens up the paint so it doesn't just run on the window) I mixed up three colors before heading outside with the kids. Then I just let the kids have so much fun

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15mm Car Window Paint Markers You Choose Color. 15mm Car Window Paint Markers You Choose Color,You Choose Color 15mm Car Window Paint Markers,Tired of putting on or taking off stickers on car windshields and windows, Then these marker are for you, Easy to wash off with soap and water, Bright and vibrant colors ranging from; Red, Blue, White, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Free shipping. Painting a car is an amazingly FUN summer art project for kids! The colorful paints and large, unusual canvas makes for a memorable experience for the kids. Lots of collaborative, transient art that's perfect for a summer camp activity Window cling is a material used that can 'stick' onto the window, but it does not adhere. It's easy to remove. I would be careful using window cling for a car decal because it would come off very easily. If you chose window cling vinyl, mirror the image and place the window cling on the inside of the vehicle so it won't fall off Marta - I tried painting a window this week and had a problem with the paint sticking. It went on nicely but halfway through it just started to disappear in places. I used pre-mixed tempera paint mixed with powdered tempera to thicken and clear Dawn dish soap. The pre-mixed paint does seem glossy and slick

DIY: Window Pane Paints Stephanie Morgan My little guy and I came across this recipe for washable window paints at our local craft store and just had to try it SnapTint specializes in DIY Window Tint Kits and has a wide range of Precut Tint Kits & Film for Window Tinting. SnapTint DIY Tint Kits can be used for Car or Home Window Tinting. We ship with FedEx! Any Questions? Call (800) 880-1384: Car Tint. Home Tint. Paint Protection. Help. Your Shopping Cart. Window Film for Winter and Summer. Dual. SnapTint DIY car tint kits are simple to install and affordable. Using our library of thousands of makes and models from 1980 to present, we are able to pre-cut the window film precisely to fit every curve on your windows.. Simply wet the film and apply it to your windows. We provide detailed video instructions and professional tools to make this a one-day project Good looks are just the beginning with 3M™ Automotive Window Films. View all automotive window films. Whether you're concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare or security, we have a window tint to enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle

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Recipe For Washable Window Paint. We actually did experiment with different things such as tempera paint, acrylic paint, mixing with water, etc. And here's the deal it really does work best when you mix the paint with dish soap! Window Paint Recipe: 1/2 paint; 1/2 dish soap (we used Dawn dish soap) What kind of paints work for window painting Work diligently with a paint scraper or putty knife to scrape free all the loose paint. If you have an older home, there's a chance of lead paint being on the windows, test for it. Take extra precautions by laying a tarp on the ground beneath the window to capture paint chips and avoid toxins leaching into the ground Second, when a window is completely broken and is not yet fixed, you can use tape to seal the window shut temporarily while you order a new window to install. Tape to Protect Car Paint A new car window, especially a new door window, which is the most like DIY window installation project, can be difficult to install More information about various home tint options, installation, and purchase advice. SnapTint Window Tint is an affordable way to DIY tint your car or home. Top quality SolarGard HP film, pre-cut to fit your windows and include a Lifetime Warranty Shop the latest XPEL DIY Kits and find the perfect size, fit, and finish for your very own application. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser

Rubbing Alcohol Wax Remover. 1/4 cup 70% isopropyl alcohol or higher. 1 gallon of warm water. Microfiber towel. tb1234. Mix the alcohol and water in a bucket and use a microfiber towel to wipe the solution on the car to remove wax, one section at a time. Rinse each section before moving on to another How to Make Window Clings Using Puff Paint. You can also make window clings with puff paint. These are the steps to carry out: Begin by making a pattern. You can use a dark-colored pen to draw a simple design on a sheet of paper. Do well to also cut a page off a coloring book or you can print a design from the internet

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After cleaning the handles, window edges and logos on her car, Malec used Rust-oleum peel paint on the car. If TikTok has taught us anything, it's that any DIY video starting with Rust-oleum will. 5. UE1T-View Window Tint Roll. 6. LEXEN.LLC Pre Cut Front Window Install Kit. Best Car Window Tint Buying Guide & FAQ. Written By Car Bibles Staff. Published Jun. 5, 2018. One of the fastest and easiest ways to upgrade your vehicle's appearance is by tinting the windows. A simple roll of tinted adhesive plastic can go a long way to. DIY Car De-Icer Spray is a must have in the winter! It will melt ice from your windshield, windows, wiper blades and car [] 14 Car Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Car Cleaner in a Snap - Mom 4 Real says: at [] wake up to find your car's windshield frozen over? With my 2 Ingredient Homemade Car De-Icer Spray, there is no need to heat your. Car window paint from an art supply store will be the cheapest if it is a big name store, like Hobby Lobby, but could be the most expensive at a local, privately owned store. Hobby Lobby car paint markers could be as low as $1 each, but a privately owned store could charge up to $5 a marker. However, at art stores you'll be able to find all of.

CeramicPro meticulously educates and certifies every auto detailer, nanoceramic coating specialist, window tinter, and paint protection film installer in their national network of professionals. Best Overall: LEXEN 2-Ply Premium Carbon Roll Window Tint Film Our top pick for car window tint is LEXEN's carbon film. It comes as a roll of film that you cut yourself to fit the exact. We precut patterns onto your choice of over 50 different window tint film options. Every pattern is guaranteed to fit your exact make, model, and year. Just peel off the pattern from the liner, apply it, and squeegee out the bubbles. Over 250,000 precut tint kits to choose from. We are your #1 precut tint provider Luckily, there's no dent—but now your car has a blotch of paint rub from the other car on it. To remove paint-rub stains on your car and restore its original finish, spray the affected area with WD-40, wait a few seconds, and wipe with a clean rag. Check out more genius ways to put WD-40 to work around the house Baking-soda car cleaner. Pour 1/4 cup baking soda into a gallon-sized jug, then add 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid and enough water to fill the jug almost to the top. Screw on the cap, shake well, and.

The problem with painting vinyl window frames is that paint doesn't adhere as well to vinyl window frames. When painting vinyl windows, use a primer that is made specifically for vinyl. Also - there is controversy that if you paint vinyl window frames a color darker than they already are, solar heat will heat up the windows and warp the frames Custom Windshield Decals Word and Number Car Truck Window Custom Stickers Windshield Decal Custom Car Decal Company Name Decals Personalized. SCCustomDecalDesigns. 5 out of 5 stars. (5,468) $5.02. Bestseller. Add to Favorites. More colors Here are two of the best window tinting resources you might want to use when buying car tint for the first time: Pre-Cut Car Tint Kits will set you up with a solid and affordable car tint. At $80 for a 4 door sedan and $60 for a 2 door coupe, you can get high quality Solargard HP film already cut to your car's dimensions Black Rocker Panel Guards. Clear Rocker Panel Guards. TRACWRAP ™. Slate Smoke Headlight Protection. VISION ™ PLUS Edge Sealant. EZ-TINT. FUSION PLUS ™ Water Display. XPEL Heat Box Display. VISION ™ Safety Film Installation Guidelines

3M™ Paint Protection Kits: Precut for the DIY Installer Clearly, there is no dearth of areas on your vehicle to protect, and no lack of hazards to protect it from. That's why we offer a variety of precut kits made from Scotchgard™ Pro Series Films to protect your A-pillars, door cups, hood, fenders, bumpers, side mirrors and more Scrape away any paint or grime. Spray the window again, clean the glass with a squeegee and dry the glass and window frame with a microfiber cloth. Step 2: Cut the Window Film. On a flat, clean work area, unroll the film with the liner side facing up. Mark and cut the film 1 inch wider and 1 inch longer than the window you plan to cover. Find the best Car Window Tinting near you on Yelp - see all Car Window Tinting open now. Explore other popular Home Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers

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  1. Chalkboard spray paint is a snap to use. Make sure to use 5-6 thin coats, spraying in a well ventilated area (or outside). Cure the chalkboard. Let the paint cure for the amount of time noted on the can (usually 24-48 hours), then rub the entire surface with a piece of wet chalk to help set the paint up for easier chalk use. Hang it up
  2. Clear car decals can be placed on either the outside or inside of your vehicle's window and can also be applied to the sides, doors, and body without damaging paint. Custom clear vehicle decals are generally used to advertise one's business or products on cars, trucks, vans, jeeps, motorcycles, or any other vehicle
  3. Welcome to Car Protection Pros, your #1 online retailer for 3M, and XPEL Paint Protection Film Kits! We aim to help you protect your vehicle's paint with the highest quality Paint Protection Film (PPF) available on the market today and empower you to do it yourself. Every one of our PPF kits is cut on demand to match your exact needs for.
  4. Making a DIY privacy window screen is the perfect DIY window treatment. If you can't hang curtains, have an odd-shaped window, or would love to remove the privacy screen to let in light during the day but easily put it back in place at night, then a privacy window screen that you can make yourself is the way to go

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  1. Dec 10, 2013. #12. I work in the glass industry and painted glass is common, just use 2/3 coats of water based spray paint on the underside, clean it first with isopropanol and leave to dry for 48 hours. Look darling, I was going to tell you but I bought it weeks ago, just not had chance to set it up yet
  2. Altrex Window Tint 35% VLT 76cm x 300cm Smoke 346748. Select another one or two products to compare. You can compare up to three products. Compare products. You have selected three products. Compare products. Altrex. Altrex Window Tint 20% VLT 76cm x 300cm Dark Smoke. $32.89 ^ $46.99
  3. Wax and paint sealants. Car wax and paint sealants are often used as alternatives to ceramic coatings. However, they are usually much cheaper and ineffective compared to ceramic coatings

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If your window is slightly ajar, or you can wedge the door open, you maneuver it into the interior of the car. Use the wiper to either grab the keys on the chair or hit the unlock button on the side of the door (which I tried out successfully myself in the video below) High Quality Permanent Car Tyre Paint Marker Window Glass Paint Pen Ceramic Diy Design Paint Marker , Find Complete Details about High Quality Permanent Car Tyre Paint Marker Window Glass Paint Pen Ceramic Diy Design Paint Marker,Car Tyre Paint Marker Window Glass Paint Pen Ceramic Diy Design Paint Marker,High Quality Paint Pen,Permanent Ceramic Marker from Permanent Markers Supplier or.

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  1. 2021 SINO GROUP APPPEXPO SHANGHAI Show Main Product: DIY Craft Vinyl, Car Wrap Vinyl, Cutting Vinyl Jul 23, 2021 We are participating in the exhibition in Shanghai until July 24,Beijing time
  2. Use Food Coloring To Tint Paint Diy Painting Food Coloring Painting Projects Source Image @ www.pinterest.com Tint master of the ozarks window tinting ~ Window Tinting Window Tint Auto RV Boat Marine Office Commercial Home Residential Construction Farm Heavy Equipment Windows Doors Offices Showers Hollister MO 65672 Ozark Window Tinting. 05 VLT.
  3. Let us take a look at the benefits of DIY car dent removal tools and how to use them to effectively get rid of car dents. The following are the benefits of repousse and chasing car dent removal tool. The dent removal tool is the best solution for dealing with a very common problem faced by most of the cars on the roads - chipping or buffing of.
  4. Conductive Paint: The goal of this experiment was to try to find an alternative to commercially available conductive paint. It is incredible stuff but expensive. I've read other Instructables like Makerboat's $1 Conductive Ink and IceCats' Paper Electronics. They he
  5. When I saw the level of restoration and quality of work on this car, I knew this w ood grain car paint project would be a worthwhile endeavor. I make sure to pay special attention to detail in high focus areas like window trim escutcheons. The interior work on this car is immaculate thanks to Ed at Kenny's Auto Upholstery in Renton, WA

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  1. How-To properly paint and do bodywork to your car, truck or SUV is the focus of the MotorTrend How-To Paint and Body section, where you'll find how to paint, do car body updates and more the DIY.
  2. 39. Mud Guards - A big mod for trucks and Jeeps, mud guards come in different colors and styles and are a cheap and easy way to protect your car's paint from rocks, dirt and other off roading elements. 40. Window Tint - Comes in different opacities and types, window tint has always been a timeless modification for car enthusiasts
  3. Here are 10 car paint prep tips to get you started. 1. Deconstruction. The first step to a proper re-spray is removing all the little bits of trim, emblems, and non-painted parts. Some things you can tape around like windows and window gaskets (you will likely end up with a tapeline, so be aware), but taping around bumpers, emblems and door.
  4. Use a paint brush to mix the paint and soap together and you're ready to paint. I put down a vinyl tablecloth on our wood floor under the window to catch any stray drips. You can also paint outdoors on the outside of the windows if the thought of painting windows in your house is anxiety inducing
  5. There is no other way to spin this: Removing paint stains is a process that can be easily avoided. Opting to apply a high-quality surface coating product like a paint protection film (PPF), or a DIY nano-ceramic coating is going to make a massive difference in the amount of strain spent on removing surface stains.The latter of these two tends to have the upper hand, as most common 9H-rated DIY.
  6. Clean the window where you want to apply the decal. Carefully peel back the paper backing of the vinyl going slowly to make all parts of the image release from the sheet. Apply the vinyl to the window. It helps to start at one end or corner and lay the vinyl down in a rolling motion

Image Source. Painting a glass window is always looks very beautiful and is a great choice for many painters and artists. But the process needs a lot of patience to be done. Whether you want to paint some textures or you are looking for some patterns or designs, you have to think about it in details before doing the project Steps to apply an antiqued mirror finish: Gather supplies: Krylon Looking Glass Mirror spray paint (affiliate link on Amazon- I've also found it at Walmart), spray bottle filled with water, rag or paper towel for blotting. On the back of the window and working in one pane at a time, lightly spray the the areas you want to have an antique appearance with water, usually in the corners and edges.

Using tempera paints is a great option when it comes to painting the windows in your house. Tempera is a relatively fast-drying paint that uses colored pigments which are mixed with a binder medium that is soluble in water. The paint is quite long-lasting (paintings made by artists in the Renaissance era were done using tempera, and are still. If you are painting double-hung windows, you'll want to paint the top sash first. To do this, release the bottom sash and let it lay down against the bottom of the window to get it out of the way. Now slide the top sash down about an inch so you can see the entire frame. Now you will need to apply a good coat of primer Hobby Spray Booth Specifications. 265 CFM exhaust blower, 115 volt, 1.9 amp, 1500 RPM. 7 foot long grounded power cord. 24 gauge galvanized steel mounting panel for blower. 24 gauge galvanized steel filter rack, for use with standard furnace replacement filter. 12 x 24 x 1. 4 inch round exhaust duct outlet for easy venting (standard dryer. Step 7: Reglaze. Tooling the glazing is a two-part process: Press the glazing into the glass and the frame, then smooth it off. To press it in, take a putty knife and push it against the wood and. Boasting top-notch performance and durability, our paint protection films effectively guard against chipping, scratches, and other forms of damage - but don't just take our word for it. With STEK DIY kits, we've made the installation process easier than ever before. Apply our films to a wide variet

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For surfaces with multiple paint layers, like old window casings or wall moldings, hold the utility knife at a 45-degree angle when making the cut to get a cross-section of every layer Car Decorating Techniques for July 4th You can find most of these items at your local party supply store. Temporary Car Paint This is the easiest way to spruce up your car, although different brands may leave different amounts of residue (or none at all!). Paint your car in red, white and blue, and go crazy with stars and stripes imagery Here's how it's done: Clean the glass throughly and tape off the window or door frame. Apply a thin coat of the spray paint and let it dry. Apply additional coats, if you wish for great.

However, the difference between a proper spray paint job and a DIY disaster requires research, planning and prep work. Use our car painting guide to give your vehicle a shiny new coat of paint, and a new lease on life! What You'll Need. In order to properly spray paint your vehicle, you will need a few important materials: A power sander. Shop for everything you need to complete your home and garden project. Order online for 1hr Click+Collect, or free home delivery on orders over £50 For Your Car. Keep your car cool, block 99% of UV rays and customize a style that works for you. Solar Gard window film is equivalent to SPF 285 for your windows. 0% Featured Blog Articles. 5 Questions You Should Ask About Paint Protection Film. June 9, 2021. 5 Questions You Should Ask About Paint Protection Film. National Safe Boating.

Car Paint Protection Film Stop fearing chips, scratches, rocks, sand and salt. We get it: no matter how small, that first little nick hurts. And keeping an eye out for everyday road damage is the worst. Why not add a layer of LLumar car paint protection film? You'll worry a lot less and enjoy driving a lot more Car buffer (optional) Car wax ; Bucket of water ; Apply masking tape to the areas around the headlights. This will protect the trim, paint and plastic parts during cleaning. Apply a generous amount of window cleaner to the headlight and let it soak in for a few seconds. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the window cleaner from the headlight

How to Paint. Start by applying the primer. Cover the door completely. You can use a roller for this application. When the primer is dry, use a paintbrush to go over any trim work or details on the door. Next, it's finally time to paint. You can use a low-nap or foam roller or a paintbrush for this. Step-by-Step Guide Car Window Tint will help to protect you by holding your window together if the glass is shattered in an accident. our recent work. message us. Our team is ready to call you back 6 days a week to advise you on your tinting options. Opening Hours: Tues-Sat 9am -6p Use Mod Podge to make your own DIY window clings on a budget - these gel window clings are so easy, and a great kids' craft! (See the end of this post for a video on how to make DIY window clings using food coloring!) Skills Required: Beginner. You can make these gel window clings with just a few supplies and no prior crafting knowledge Window Tinting Packages & Features. Compare our 4 popular tint packages below or customize any tint package to fit your needs. Get a quote or call 800-767-8468! Toggle all. ECONOMY The sheets stick to the surface of windows via surface static, which allows you to place the small sheets on the windscreen or side windows to block some of that unwanted light to give your eyes some relief. 14. Hook a mesh bungee to your roof handles for extra storage. Coat hooks inside your car serve a limited purpose

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A completely clear and extremely tough vinyl film is applied to the exterior of your windscreen by a trained technician. This film will protect your expensive windscreen glass against road debris and stone chips that can be costly to repair, whilst providing amazing protection against head and cold that can also cause cracks 3M Car Care Glass Cleaner is a powerful car window cleaner that is specially formulated to dissolve dirt, smudges, and bug splatter for crystal clear automotive glass. It contains cleaning agents that have been chemically engineered to soften sticky grime and residue so it can be effortlessly wiped away How to Fix a Stuck Car Window. DIY. April 26, 2021. How to Tell If the Catalytic Converter is Clogged. DIY. DIY Removal and Installation. DIY. March 25, 2021. Car Battery Cable Replacement: A Complete DIY Guide Revive the Luster of Your Car's Paint. DIY. May 23, 2019. How to Replace Your Interior Light Bulbs. DIY DIY Window Panes One of the questions I got on repeat over on Instagram stories is how I was going to cover the white window panes. In a dream world, they would be on the outside of the glass panes where I could just paint them We have a range of nano ceramic coatings for car paint, car windows and car interior. You can buy our DIY nano ceramic paint coating with FREE shipping all over UAE from Souq by clicking the button below. Auto detailing shops and accessories shop can contact us for bulk prices. Buy No